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Women Empowering Women

Encouraging Words to Nourish the Spirit

May 2020

"The Investment You Can’t Afford to Not Make"

"Several months ago, I signed up for the investment app STASH; rated the top investment app for beginners in 2020. Beyond my standard 401(k), I am admittedly ignorant as it relates to Exchange-Traded Funds. This felt like a great opportunity to expand my financial literacy as a novice investor, as well as become more “adult-ish.” However, you need not be a Wall Street Trader to know with the recent COVID-19 pandemic, the stock market has plummeted. For those looking to get into the game –there is no better time than the present with shares for major companies currently at record lows.

Recently my mom signed up for a similar app and she has officially been bitten by the investment bug. Each morning she’ll share with us on the family group text about the purchased shares and their current performance. Her new-found enthusiasm prompted me to think about commodities, value, and investments as well, but in an even more significant way: in our personal lives. I began to consider what I view as a commodity in my life; what do I value most? How is that reflected? Am I making consistent investments in those areas? If you follow me on any of my social media platforms then you are more than aware that I love to share my day, my selfies, my opinions, and everything in between. I am a very well curated and calculated “open book” on the gram’. I drew a parallel and thought, “If my day were to be vlogged, what would the viewer gather about my own value system?” We are always investing; be it our energy, time, and/or money. Investments and deposits are continuous. It is up to us to be conscientious and aware of how and where those investments are expended. Everyone wants a ROI (return on investment) and here’s what’s also true: everyone receives a ROI. The reality is we are often frustrated because we are dissatisfied with our return. The pandemic has mandated that we retreat from the noise and busyness of the world. Isolation now allows us time to invest in the most meaningful ways: in ourselves and possibly areas that were neglected or considered less valuable than they really are. Although we are separated by distance, my nucleus family has grown closer than ever. Each Sunday we facetime and just chat with one another. Often our discussions aren’t any different than the week prior, however, it’s valuable and an investment we all enjoy making. Some other ways you may consider investing in your own life can include being more mindful and practicing gratitude; taking better care of your body and health; and working on being more connected to family and friends.

Remember with each new month, it is a chance to make 2020 what we said we wanted it to be back in January. This time of reflection has shown me that I need to invest less in social media and more in making strides towards achieving my personal goals. I’ve always been a creative person, so I have found myself doing more of that: creating! When we invest in ourselves, the returns we yield in the present and future are invaluable."

Written by: Jessica Brooks

Vice President

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