Entrepreneur Spotlight

May Business Spotlight
Wicks, Wax & Fire Candle Company

Veronica Lewis is the founder of Wicks, Wax & Fire Candle Company. The candle company is based in South Florida and offers luxury aromatherapy candles in unique vessels. During her time as a Laboratory Technician at a top cosmetic manufacturing company in the United States, her fascination with natural based products increased. The homeopathic functions and satisfying scents of essential oils inspired Veronica to develop her own aromatic creations.
« I enjoyed the endless variety of fragrances that I was able to formulate by mixing essential oils.”
The Wicks, Wax & Fire Candle Company believes simple luxury is achieved by offering unique candle vessels that can be repurposed to add a touch of sophistication to your home.
In her free time, Veronica enjoys spending time with family, nature, traveling, exploring new foods, science and photography.
Launching soon.. Sign up via at: www.wickswaxfire.com to be notified of launch.